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7 mai 2012 1 07 /05 /mai /2012 19:32


Last summer, I meet my wife from work at 2:30 am Sue and would like a drink before going home. We findtubes are both 38 and married 18 years. Now on this day we decided to take a shortcut through the park, and thus no coincidence that the house, where we have a little more of our patio. I went in and asked Sue if you see what we have used here, recalled, and she smiled and said, ' yerr ' with a cheeky grin on his face, which was the drink that was as Sue is usually a bit prudish, would no doubt public opinion, and certainly never had fans outside of me, while already married. a went to the bank and soon they were kissing findtubes and I undid the buttons on the top of the dress from Sue and snuggled into my head on his chest and started sucking her nipples. Sue was very excited and her breathing was very strong when suddenly stiffened and findtubes told me that someone was watching. I was about to git dirty hunting when Parkie ( rangers), an old manut retirement age, emerged from behind the wall on the findtubes side. I expected a telling off for good until Naughtie in a public park, but he simply said, 'wants to make a private place ? ' Although he said nothing, he told us to follow him. He took us in the garage where tools are kept, and a side door leading to his office. He showed us and findtubes closed the door behind him. Sue ass sits on a desk that was in the middle of the room while I waited in the car, leaving him looking. ' I do not care if I see you son,' asked I looked at Sue, who just shrugged and did not care, because the excited state to come into the shelter. out his hand and took me with her, I unbuttoned the remaining buttons on the front of the dress she wore no bra, as it was hot that day. I pushed my pants down over the hips, and she fell to the ground, where they began. findtubes Sue was in no mood for foreplay, lay on the table and grabbed my cock, which came into his head. Boy it was hot and humid, my entire body findtubes while pushing it. As I fucked her, I realized that the Parkie had taken his cock and masturbate slowly. I was fucked up and saw Sue, who was on. Its tail was rather long, much longer than mine, and it was a good margin findtubes of it, but what fascinated me was the old gnarled appearance. He kept pulling the skin back to show a dirty purple head with pre-cum oozing out of sight in the center. I also saw that he was not very clean and smegma yellow in the folds of several of his foreskin is excreted. came towards us and started stroking Sue 's tits and masturbate. Then he moved his hand on her belly and finally her pussy as I fucked her. He was actually my cock as I slid in and out of Sue and tried to put a finger on it at the same time. During this time I could not findtubes take my eyes off his cock and hand in her pussy as I fucked her, everything wastoo much for me and I Sue spunk. Sue I was not semen, and I told him I felt I could not hold back, but in a moment, the old Parkie had come across a page and was between Sue 's legs, ready to head violet viscous his cock at the entrance to the Suez open vagina. He pushed his hips forward, and he disappeared until it was completely inside. Sue gave a sigh of pleasure and very brutal fucking scared Parkie, in fact, pulled his cock out and slapped it back in it. The queue size of your partner with this brutal stabbing Sue Hahn powerful climaxed at any time. The Parkie then moved outside and threw it at his feet and pushed her down, said, 'Go in love, suck, ' Sue opened her mouth and took him with her ​​mouth, vile old cock , holding his head, began to fuck her face, but gentle, as he took the pussy, so that every so many findtubes beats, Sue gagged until Parkie head remained silent and acceleratedRhythm and groaned as he shot his semen into her throat. I thought I would drown, but once Sue was removed with no ill effects. The Parkie had shot his sperm into Susan 's mouth, but his cock was hard, and took Sue, turned and bent over the table and then providing his cock into her, ramming the rest until he brought them to fresh air, like findtubes before he took her with long, wild, every time they call the wind of it. Sue went back and forth many times within 15 minutes of being fucked like this. He grabbed her by the shoulders and grunted like a pig when he sent his sperm to her place and her tail every time until the date on which he could. findtubes Finally, Sue pulled his tail like a limp rag doll dropped on the table when I was in it, and my sperm was mixed with Parkie is. Sue could barely walk around the house a short distance and could not have sex for 3 days by the blows you gave, not put the distance, but she wanted to return, and we have the next week, but Sue also on their own sometimes when I'm at work. He even has home run when I was in an afternoon shift, and came home to find Sue laying sleeping on the kitchen table, all red and swollen pussy with his semen out of it. And yes, I took my cock and took it there and then me.
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7 mai 2012 1 07 /05 /mai /2012 19:31

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